Maria João teaches singing and piano in her studio in Arnhem. Maria João also teaches singing via Skype if you want remote lessons.

Singing lessons

Maria João Carmo has a practice for singing and piano lessons in her own studio in Arnhem (Elderveld quarter).

This studio is easily and quickly accessible by car with good and free parking at the door.

Public transport: The studio is a 4-minute walk from bus stop "Wokcentrum" of line 5 (direction "De Laar West") or line 6 ("Schuytgraaf") from Arnhem Center.


Singing lesson method

Singing pleasure is central in the singing lessons. Anyone can sing and can find pleasure in singing. But there are many people who do not experience it that way. The potential to sing well and enjoy it is sometimes (or very often) overshadowed by impediments in our body or mind. These can have been built up over years without us being aware of it.
As a basis for vocal development I use the unique good qualities that each student already has of himself. Furthermore, it is the intention of every singing lesson that everything that is "wrong" or hindering singing, is removed. This can be in the field of technique, physiological factors, or in the field of personal essential characteristics that are related to singing. In each lesson, solutions are brought forward by means of demonstration, showing and hearing how it should or should not be done, (scientific) explanations, images, and images. And of course with tailor-made exercises and repertoire. From here and by daring to sing, a good basic technique can be learned and everyone can experience a lot of pleasure in singing. When the student is about to explain the good technique in his own words, the final step can be taken. Everything is then ready to be automated. This takes patience, trust, openness, relaxation and positive feedback from both sides. These are important aspects that can speed up and improve the process. I have a lot of fun teaching singing to all types of students and I allow beautiful singing to everyone!

My motto:
Anyone can [learn] to sing! 
Singing is free, easy, simple and comfortable!

I have years of experience in giving singing lessons, individually, to groups or choirs, in all kinds of styles: classical, light, pop, musical and world music (for example fado or bossa-nova).
I often end up with professional singers or good amateurs, but also real beginners with or without any singing experience or even without being able to read notes. Of course it goes faster if someone is already familiar with the"Musical language", but it doesn't say everything either. So you have no knowledge and are you not used to music or singing lessons? It doesn't matter, come and try.
Do you want to develop and further improve your singing? Or prepare your important audition properly? Then you are very welcome with me.

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